# AdvancedCommandHandler (ACH)

ACH is a complete application command handler for Discord.js. It features full support for Discord's built-in slash commands. Instead of having to create your commands manually, use our command handler to make the process easier.

# Requirements

NPM Packages

  • ts-node
  • discord.js


  • Node.js v16.x or higher.
  • A discord bot token.

# Getting Started

  • Installing the library:
    • Clone the src folder from the repository on GitHub (opens new window).
    • Rename the directory to your liking (ach is recommended).
    • Place the directory at the root of your project.
    • Please note: the library will eventually become available as an NPM package.
  • Preparing your bot:
    • Create a new Discord bot.
    • Create a new Discord application.
    • Create a new Discord bot token.
  • Creating the command handler:
Last Updated: 3/8/2022, 6:39:18 PM