# Getting Started

This is a quick tutorial on how to add Elixir Music to your server and how to use its commands.

# Invite Elixir

The first thing you'll need to do is invite Elixir to your Discord server. First, use the invite link directly. You can do so by typing in https://ponjo.club/invites/elixir (opens new window) in your browser.

Once you've navigated to this page and logged into your Discord account, the next step is to select a server to add Elixir to from the dropdown menu.

Slash Command Scope

Make sure the first page that shows up asks you to allow Elixir to create slash commands in your server. If this scope is not added or this message cannot be seen, you're not authorizing the correct application scopes and need to use the direct link.

Upon authorizing Elixir to create slash commands, you'll then be directed to a permission menu. It is recommended to leave every position checked in order to avoid running into issues when trying to run music commands.

Finally, complete the captcha. Congrats, Elixir is now added to your server!

Invite Elixir

Upon inviting Elixir, you'll notice that quite a few slash commands have been added to your server. That's great! We'll use them to play music.

# Playing Songs

Elixir supported platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud. Unfortunately, due to recent events, Elixir no longer supports YouTube URLs or YouTube videos. In order to play a song or playlist, use the /play command, followed by the song name or URL. For the best accuracy, use Spotify song URLs. To avoid ratelimiting, only the first 100 songs of a playlist can be added to the queue at once.

Play a Song

# View the Track Currently Playing

By running the /nowplaying command, you can view the song that is currently playing. its artist, duration, and more.

Add a Filter

# Viewing the Queue

You can also view all the songs that are in the server queue. To do so, run the /queue command as shown below.

View the Queue

# Skipping Songs

You can skip to any other track in the queue by running the /skip command. If a track number parameter is specified, Elixir will skip to the track in that position. In the case that there are no more songs left in the queue to play, Elixir will leave the voice channel.

Skip a Song

# Changing the Volume

You can also modify the volume of the songs being played. Run the /volume command, and then type a volume integer between 0 and 150 to either increase or decrease the output volume.

Change the Volume

# Questions

If you have any questions on how to use Elixir or would like to report a bug, don't hesitate to contact us on our Discord server. (opens new window)

Last Updated: 2/4/2022, 1:12:16 PM