# Getting Started

The Ponjo API serves all your developer utility needs. Countless endpoints, fast response times, and JSON responses. Integrating utility services into your application has never been easier. To use the Ponjo API, you need to obtain authentication.


You must have a valid API key in order to use the Ponjo API. To request a key, contact benpetrillo@ponjo.club or contact a staff member in our Discord server. (opens new window) For troubleshooting, reference our FAQ below.

# Frequently Asked Questions

# What is the base URL of the API?

https://app.ponjo.club/v1 (opens new window) is the base URL of version 1 of our API.

# I've been ratelimited. How can I fix this?

The API automatically ratelimits for two reasons. Ratelimiting can last from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the severity.

  • You might have reached your daily quota. Most users are limited to 2,500 API requests per day.
  • You may be sending too many requests per second. The API will automatically ratelimit if more than 20 requests are sent from the same IP address in one second.
Last Updated: 3/5/2022, 9:21:51 PM